Recovery from a cult experience is possible

It may not feel like it right now; you may be confused, lonely, angry, frightened, financially broke, spiritually broken, sad, lost… Or, most likely, many of the above.

I’m here to tell you that what you’re feeling is normal and natural for someone who has been in a cult and you will get through it.

Cult recovery is a long journey, and it can be lonely, but…

…you don’t have to walk that road all by yourself.

I’m Alexandra Amor, author of the award-winning memoir Cult, A Love Story, which is about my 10-year experience in a cult in Vancouver, Canada, and the recovery from that experience. I wrote the book, and used my experience, as a way to help others who are walking the same path. I wanted to say, “I know what you’re going through. I promise you it will get better and you will feel whole again one day. Here are the resources and tools I used to recover.”

I write the books I wanted to read when I was in the depths of my journey of cult recovery.

Take the next step on your healing journey

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